Aldous Harding at Sage Gateshead

Went to the Sage Gateshead to review Aldous Harding for Rocking Magpie.

The Rocking Magpie

Aldous Harding 
Sage 1
Sage Gateshead
Saturday, 22nd April 2023

Aldous Harding takes to the stage dressed in something akin to a black karate outfit, flat black leather shoes, her hair pulled tightly into a ponytail, her face seemingly make-up free. I
It’s a minimalist look, and this, coupled to her understated entrance sets the tone for what is to follow.
Despite tonight’s unglamorous façade, Aldous watchers know full well that her persona is an instrument of remarkable agility, her voice too – soft and gentle at times but it can also have a blowtorch intensity to it too.
Add to this the jagged lyricism of a young, surrealist poet and the simmering energy she quietly creates on stage soon starts to glow. 
‘Lick my instep,
I miss the funk it leaves on me
she sings moments into the evening’s opener, Ennui, one of nine songs she performs…

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