Rozi Plain at Star & Shadow, Newcastle

Went out to review Rozi Plain for Rocking Magpie and came up with this. 

The Rocking Magpie

Rozi Plain
The Star and Shadow 
Thursday March 9 2023

Leading up to tonight’s gig I’d  been out walking in the chill Northeast air listening to the new Rozi Plain album – Prize. 
The music is a lush chilled out soundscape, each song blending seamlessly into the other and I wonder how such a album, bathed in subtle electronica would lend itself to being performed live in Newcastle on a cold, late winter evening.
As I walk I’m thinking to myself surely, this music really would be best heard while lounging in a hip European beach bar whilst sipping a cold Italian beer, not on a day as cold as this.
I headed home and put the kettle on.
Over a cup of tea, I discover that Prize was recorded, for the most part at a beachside studio in France, so in fact my conscious dreams were…

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