Cowboy Junkies at The Fire Station, Sunderland

As well as promoting live music I write for Rocking Magpie.

The Rocking Magpie

Cowboy Junkies
The Fire Station,

November 23rd2022

Timing is everything of course and sometimes things just click into place, as they did for me 23 years ago when by chance I happened on Cowboy Junkies at The 1999 Sweetwaters Festival in New Zealand.
That festival; a highlight of a yearlong trip for me, for its organiser Daniel Keighley it was a disaster. Allegedly, there was a contract taken out on his life after Sweetwaters collapsed, with him owing creditors millions of dollars, ultimately Keighley was jailed for fraud.
Fast-forward to November 23rd 2022 and Cowboy Junkies land at The Fire Station, Sunderland described as a ‘vibrant, mid-scale live musicvenue housing a brand-new state-of-the-art auditorium’.
It’s a world away from that baking hot field in Auckland but more than any other artist I witnessed at that doomed festival, it was the music of Cowboy Junkies that…

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