The Weather Station at Gosforth Civic Theatre, Newcastle

As well as promoting live music I write for Rocking Magpie.

The Rocking Magpie

The Weather Station
Gosforth Civic Theatre,
Thursday 1st September

Curiosity, I guess, is a big motivator for many of us when it comes to live music – a case in point was tonight’s offering at Gosforth Civic Theatre.
I’d read the glowing album reviews, listened to quite a few tracks over the years and was interested to see how it would all come together in a live setting.
The Weather Station then, having appeared the previous night in Edinburgh landed in Newcastle on the first day of September, apt in some ways as turning that particular page on the calendar always seems to me to symbolise cyclical change; much like The Weather Station’s most recent recorded output, which makes up the bulk of tonight’s set.

Emerging out of Toronto’s vibrant folk scene, Tamara Lindeman who is essentially The Weather Station debuted a moody, introspective sound in 2008 with her…

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