The Magpies Festival 2022, Sutton on the Forest, York

As well as promoting live music I write for Rocking Magpie.

The Rocking Magpie

As a contributing scribe for The Rocking Magpie I thought it would be prudent, no, obligatory to take in the 2022 Magpies Festival, located 8 miles North of York at Sutton-on-the-Forest which was indeed a
magnificent location, not too far to travel from Durham either and with the promise of the good things
to come with something of a folky vibe, I guess for the weekend I’d take on the guise of the Folkin’
Got to say, I’m not into those shiny mega-festivals; just way too big, too many people, too much choice, etc, etc.
Hence, one of the reasons why I’m at The Magpies Festival is because it really is a case of small is
beautiful. I even had a pot of tea at the adjacent Sutton Park Tea Room before putting my tent up under
the shade of a tree.
The bearded hipsters among us might well…

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