Hector Gannet Live at Hall 2, Sage Gateshead

Went to The Sage to see Hector Gannet and reviewed the gig for Rocking Magpie.

The Rocking Magpie

Hector Gannet
Hall 2
Sage Gateshead
Saturday May 6th2023

Before a guitar was strummed, a lone voice filled Sage 2; filmed in 1944 following the re-opening of Tyneside’s shipyards at the start of the World War 2 a cloth-capped Geordie states
”Tyneside’s busy enough today,
owldens and youngens hard at work makin’ good ships…
will it be the same again five years from now?
The footage, courtesy of the North East Film Archive plays on a screen above the heads of Aaron Duff and his band as the music kicks in.
Tonight’s opener -The Launchwas taken from their 2020 debut albumBig Harcar- it’s a beautiful, largely instrumental track with only the haunting, echoey lines

‘When you’re ready to go, let me know’transporting us backwards.

Of course, this historic newsreel/live music territory has been richly mined of late by Public Service Broadcasting, but…

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